Imagining the Place of Home


Resource authors: Bridget Bennet, et al.
Project: Imagining the place of home

This scoping study and research review examines the relationship between how home and community are the product of powerful acts of imagining. It focuses on each of these terms and of their relationship to the imagination and to each other. In this way it seeks to understand each of the words “connected” and “communities” both separately and in relation to each other. A central element of the project’s work was to organise two interdisciplinary workshops to develop and reflect on research parameters and findings. The Research Review document, our most substantial output, is comprised of an extensive bibliography which tracks and cites arts and humanities research on home, community and the imagination. It also, and importantly, includes close readings of key critical texts to deepen understandings of the categories we worked with. Finally, it develops a series of particular foci to give specific examples of the larger theoretical work it performs. We concentrate on the American revolution and its aftermath, and the events of 11 September 2001 and their aftermath, through which the relationship between home and community and the way that each has been imagined, is brought under great pressure.

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