Make Your Mark: A Documentary on 'Visual Arts for Resilience'


Resource authors: Rough Sea Films
Project: Building resilience through collaborative community arts practice: a scoping study with disabled young people and those facing mental health complexity

This documentary is part of a ‘visual arts for resilience’ research project involving Art In Mind, Amaze, the University of Brighton and Boing Boing. This research project explored how community visual arts practice can help young people flourish and connect with their communities despite adverse experiences they may have faced. The research focused on young people with disabilities and young people facing mental health challenges, and explored the potential resilience benefits of visual arts for these people. The project involved a review of existing research findings in this area, drawing on the academic literature in the fields of resilience research, disability studies, arts for health practice and geographies of health and impairment, and literature housed on community and policy websites.

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