Making Media with Communities: Guidance for Researchers


Resource authors: Ann Light and Tamar Millen

These guidelines set out a framework of ethical and practical considerations for creating media outputs with communities as part of research. They are a suggested way of approaching making media with communities. They have been written in conjunction with the development of an online archive for the audio and audiovisual elements of the current Connected Communities programme. Anyone embarking on a research project that involves making recorded outputs with communities can use these guidelines as a planning framework to think about the process, the approach and the legacy of their project. They have a strong focus on who has control over the project throughout and how that control impacts on project participants.

These guidelines have been produced as part of a project funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC). The following audiences may find this guide useful:

• AHRC Connected Communities projects making media with communities;

• Future researchers within UK HE institutions that embark on making media in/with communities;

• Future communities intending to develop community media projects with a research element.

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