Measuring Big Society: Video


Resource authors: Ritchard Mitchell
Project: Measuring big society

Original animation commissioned by the Universities of Glasgow & Edinburgh as part of a campaign to measure how the concept of ‘Big Society’ will work across different areas of the UK. The government wants to build a ‘Big Society’. It is not easy to define what this means, but in essence, they want to make you an offer. You, the people, can take control of the management and delivery of the public services in your area. They will change the law to allow this to happen. Some people passionately support this idea. Others, however, firmly believe that it won’t work. Because we are not sure whether the Big Society will work equally well across the country, this project aims to measure how the appetite and capacity for Big Society varies from place to place. That way, we will be able to see which areas need more help to make it work.

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