Orkney and Shetland Dialect Corpus Scoping Study


Resource authors: Ragnhild Ljosland
Project: The Orkney and Shetland dialect corpus project scoping study

The main objective of the research is to undertake a scoping study and research review with a view to developing a larger corpus-based project on Orkney and Shetland dialect grammar. Research on Orkney and Shetland dialect is of particular interest because it sheds light on the grammar of two dialects which are the products of a language contact situation. Orkney and Shetland dialect grammar is currently an under-researched area. The research review undertaken as part of the project facilitates further grammatical studies of Orkney and Shetland dialect grammar by bringing together the research which has already been undertaken in the field. The project also lays the foundation for developing a digital corpus of naturally occurring dialect texts from Orkney and Shetland, which is intended to be a future resource for the study of these dialects.

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