The Connected Communities Projects have produced a wide variety of resources from reports to films. Many of these resources are available through the links on this page. Individual project websites are also a great place to look for resources and further information - you can access them through our Project Pages.

Declaration Kriol: Rafiki Jazz, Video

The Declaration Kriol project, devised for Transmitting Musical Heritage, brings onstage an expanded Rafiki Jazz collective in an inspired live show where global folk heritage traditions come up against the digital domain and our own very British babble of migrated languages. Read more

Connecting Communities through Research: Sheffield Babelsongs, Video

Sheffield Babel Songs is a community group that collects and shares songs and memories about them, from Sheffield’s international population. This concert was held to raise funds to produce a songbook of the material the group has collected. Read more

Soundpost Fiddle Weekend 2013: Video

For Transmitting Musical Heritage we ran a Fiddle Weekend bringing 15 tutors from the UK, USA and Morocco to talk about their music. 80 people came on the weekend to share this experience. Read more

Carnivalising the Creative Economy: AHRC-funded Research on and with British Jazz Festivals, Video

A short film in which UK music and media academics and leading jazz festival directors discuss collaborative research and knowledge exchange. Read more

Hydrocitizens: Online Forum about Water

This community provides a space for a creative conversation about water. Some issues include flooding, drought, supply and waste system security and access to water as an amenity and social (health) benefit. Read more

Make Your Mark: A Documentary on ‘Visual Arts for Resilience’

This documentary is part of a ‘visual arts for resilience’ research project, which explores how community visual arts practice can help young people flourish and connect with their communities despite adverse experiences they may have faced. Read more

Visual Arts Practice for Resilience: A Guide for Working with Young People with Complex Needs

A guide to offer practical advice and ideas that are affordable and accessible, and can be put into practice with a group of young people, and to show how you might put resilience theory into practice and facilitate art-based activities. Read more

Connected Communities: Building Resilience through Community Arts Practice

This scoping study has involved the delivery of weekly resilience-building arts workshops for young people and a review of associated ‘arts for resilience’ literature. Read more

Connected Communities: Connected lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans communities? A scoping study to explore understandings and experiences of ‘community’ among LGBT people

This study examined understandings and experiences of LGBT communities, and assessed implications for health and wellbeing, employing a literature review, online survey and in-depth interviews and discussion groups. Read more

Solidarity but not similarity? LGBT communities in the twenty-first century: Executive Summary

This is an executive summary of a study that sought to examine understandings and experiences of LGBT communities, and assess implications for (LGBT) health and wellbeing. Read more