The Connected Communities Projects have produced a wide variety of resources from reports to films. Many of these resources are available through the links on this page. Individual project websites are also a great place to look for resources and further information - you can access them through our Project Pages.

Connected Communities Festival: Cardiff 2014, Poetic Transect Video

This video is based on the idea of an ‘urban transect’ – a mode of creative practice developed by French architectural and urban design experts, where a team of researchers walks across a series of neighbourhoods collecting images, sounds and words that give meaning to spaces. Read more

New Connectivities: Civil Society, the ‘Third Sector’ and Dilemmas for Socially and Economically Sustainable Healthcare Delivery

This project aimed at better understanding the development of new forms of connectivity between health-related civil society organisations, user communities and healthcare stakeholders. Read more

Historicising Contemporary Civic Connection

This project, Historicising Contemporary Civic Connection (HCCC), sought to capitalise on historical frameworks for understanding contemporary issues around community and civic engagement. Read more

From bridging social capital to co-operative social capital? Mapping emergent connectivities across communities

In this scoping study we set out to examine emergent connectivities between particular types of communities in Southampton. We chose to focus on Faith Communities. Read more

CHORDS: Community, Healthcare Organisation and Regulationin a Diverse Society

Drawing on selected case studies and an extensive review of the literature, this project examined the concept of community as it has developed in health law and ethics. Read more

Community Music: History and Current Practice, its Constructions of ‘Community’, Digital Turns and Future Sounding

This document brings together and reviews research under the headings of history and definitions; practice; repertoire; community; pedagogy; digital technology; health and therapy; policy and funding, and impact and evaluation. Read more

Urban communities in early modern Europe (1400-1700): A Research Review

This literature review identifies current approaches to ideas and practices of “community” in European urban history between 1400 and 1700, and suggests where there is potential for new lines of enquiry. Read more

Connecting Localism and Community Empowerment

The Connecting Localism and Community Empowerment project sought to assess the merits of the assumption that localisms brings about community empowerment through a review of the existing academic and policy literatures. Read more

Power in Community: A Research and Social Action Scoping Review

This Scoping Review explores the academic debate on power and talks with communities about power. At a time when the state is proposing to “disengage” from society and hand “power” to communities, it reviews power in communities. Read more

New Migration, Neighbourhood Effects and Community Change

Public opinion has coalesced around the view that new migration is having a major impact on settled residents in effected locations. This project set out to test these claims through a review of the evidence base relating to local experiences of new migration. Read more