The Connected Communities Projects have produced a wide variety of resources from reports to films. Many of these resources are available through the links on this page. Individual project websites are also a great place to look for resources and further information - you can access them through our Project Pages.

Active Citizenship, Public Engagement and the Humanities: The Victorian Model

This project sought to give historical perspective to contemporary debates surrounding the role of the humanities in civil society. Read more

Woven Communities: Exploring the Dynamics of Socio-cultural Change through Material Culture

The project has developed a special case study on Scottish vernacular basketry and, in collaboration with Scottish basket-makers, Scottish museum curators and other experts, situates itself within both regional and international concerns and research on this subject. Read more

Musics of South Asia: A Means for Connecting Communities?

Music and other cultural forms play an important role in the life of many of the UK’s South Asian communities – offering a means for connection, but equally a way of asserting difference or turning inward. Read more

Families disconnected by prison

The focus of this scoping study is a community composed of families separated by prison and their helping agencies. In this study we explored why some families do not connect with the support offered by that community. Read more

Philosophical Communities

This project examines and promotes the contemporary rise of grassroots philosophy groups. Read more

Crowd-Sourcing in the Humanities

This scoping study reviews crowd-sourcing practices in the academic humanities, to assess their impact and development, to consider the motivations and aspects of community among those who participate, and to present a typology that captures the various approaches that have emerged. Read more

Romanies/Gypsies, Roma, Irish and Scottish Travellers

This paper draws on a survey of academic work in the arts and humanities since 2002 on the history and representation of Romanies/Gypsies, Roma, and Irish and Scottish Travellers in Britain in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Read more

Civic Associations and Urban Communities

This study sought to explore the nature of the connections between place and community. In particular, it used a focus on the growth and activities of civic associations during the twentieth century to examine the importance of shaping place for both spatial and social identities. Read more

Orkney and Shetland Dialect Corpus Scoping Study

The main objective of the research is to undertake a scoping study and research review with a view to developing a larger corpus-based project on Orkney and Shetland dialect grammar. Read more