The Connected Communities Projects have produced a wide variety of resources from reports to films. Many of these resources are available through the links on this page. Individual project websites are also a great place to look for resources and further information - you can access them through our Project Pages.

Imagining the Past and Future of Community Podcast

In this podcast from the Sociological Review our Digital Fellow Mark Carrigan speaks to Mick Carpenter and Ben Kyneswood about Imagine Hillfields, part of a national project looking at the ways society imagines its present and future. Read more

People’s Knowledge…Escaping the White-walled Labyrinth

The world of research run by universities and other institutions is dominated by a culture that is white, upper-middle class and male. When people from communities that have previously been excluded are asked to take part in research – even participative research – they are seldom able to do so on equal terms. Read more

Evaluating the Legacy of Animative and Iterative Connected Communities Projects: reflections on methodological legacies

There is a growing interest in the idea that research impact matters and that as researchers we should seek to maximise the impact of our research wherever possible. Read more

Cross-Cultural Connections: Sharing Manchester’s Migration Stories

This short observational documentary film centres on Connected Communities Festival events that were organised by Dr Liam Harte in Manchester in June 2015, in association with Z-arts community centre and Rathbone England. The Festival activities consisted of six interactive workshops with young people aged 14-24 from ethnic minority or socially disadvantaged backgrounds. Read more

Spiritual Flavours Film

The film Spiritual Flavours interweaves biographical narratives and spiritual accounts from Betty, Aziz and Ossie (who belong to a Catholic church, a mosque and a liberal synagogue, respectively) with the experiences of cooking in their homes. The chosen recipes thread the narratives of past, present and future aspirations, spirituality and the everyday. Read more

Lisa Carter Eloquent Brain – short version – Connected Communities Festival 2016

A 5-minute film of ‘Eloquent Brain’, exploring a series of artwork made by Lisa Carter and filmed by Culture Colony. Read more

Dementia and Imagination Short Film

A short film about our research in community venues that is part of the Dementia and Imagination study. Our research is looking at the value of art to help people live well with dementia. To do this we are evaluating the social, practical and economic benefits of discussing and creating art. Read more


A new chapter from Kevin K. Birth based on his keynote lecture at Utopias, Futures and Temporalities Symposium 2015. He discusses the tensions generated by the global distribution of Western timekeeping and shows the relationship between the values celebrated in calendars and the rhetorical strategies used by nations in two very different international debates: climate change and the leap second. Read more

Servicing Utopia: A Toolkit for Architects and Designers

Servicing Utopia is a digital toolkit which aims to support planners, architects and designers to critically and creatively rethink notions of access in relation to the toilet design process. Read more

Furd Football Circus Film

Film from the Football Circus event featuring freestyler Dan Magness, hosted by the Football and Connected Communities Project. Read more