The Connected Communities Projects have produced a wide variety of resources from reports to films. Many of these resources are available through the links on this page. Individual project websites are also a great place to look for resources and further information - you can access them through our Project Pages.

Making Media with Communities: Guidance for Researchers

These guidelines set out a framework of ethical and practical considerations for creating media outputs with communities as part of research. They are a suggested way of approaching making media with communities. They have been written in conjunction with the development of an online archive for the audio and audiovisual elements of the current Connected Communities programme. Read more

Sedimented Histories: Connections, Collaborations and Co-production in Regional History

This article considers recent developments in public history, particularly in a context of university-community partnerships. Since Raphael Samuel’s 1994 discussion of ‘unofficial’ histories, various academic and policy initiatives have generated fresh interest in collaborative projects and in research with, by and for communities (co-production). Read more

Citizen Humanities Comes of Age: Crowdsourcing for the Humanities in the 21st Century Event Summary

The ancient Roman Republic was a state and a society of its citizens. There, the term ‘citizen’ carried a number of assumptions about those holding the title: assumptions of participation, individual investment in something bigger, of involvement, the protection of rights, the upholding of common values, and the discharge of responsibilities to others. Read more

Hydrocitizenship Case Study Websites

These four websites form case studies of the Hydrocitizenship project and provide an array of information and resources about the work of the project on a local level. Read more

Researching young people’s orientations to the future: the methodological challenges of using arts practice

Visual and arts-based methods are now widely used in the social sciences. In youth research they are considered to promote engagement and empowerment. This article contributes to debates on the challenges of using arts-based methods in research with young people. Read more

The Community Partner: Complexity and Opportunity in Collaborative Research and Knowledge Production

The Glass-House Community Led Design has now gathered significant experience as a Community Partner within the context of AHRC-funded research. Read more

Activating the archive: rethinking the role of traditional archives for local activist projects

This article explores the way archival material has the potential to become a core component of activism, through an evaluation of an AHRC-funded collaborative research project on the histories and futures of local food in Liverpool. Read more

Community Connections

In June 2015 community partners in Wester Hailes, Edinburgh, and the Valuing Different Perspectives Project (University of Stirling) and ACCORD Project (Glasgow School of Art) organised the Community Connections festival fortnight, supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council Connected Communities Distributed Festival. Read more

Starting from Values: Evaluating Intangible Legacies of Connected Communities Projects

We set out to explore the following question: ‘what difference have Connected Communities projects made: what are their legacies?’ Community-engaged research tends to be evaluated in research terms. This does not reflect the broader legacies for all partners and participants. ‘Starting from values’ re-sets the balance and provides a mechanism for understanding and valuing different perspectives. Read more

Re­‐presenting poverties: the cultural politics of participatory film

A discussion paper for an AHRC symposium on social justice and the Connected Communities Programme. Read more