Producing Historical Abergavenny: The Cultural Value and role of Social Media in promoting Historical Awareness in one Town


Resource authors: Dr. David Studdert & Prof. Ian Hargreaves
Project: Performing Abergavenny: creating a connected community beyond divisions of class, locality and history

This project emerged from the performing Abergavenny Project and was an investigation into the reasons behind the phenomenal success of the Facebook page Forgotten Abergavenny.

The project sort to understand the personal experience and cultural value attached to the use of the Facebook page Forgotten Abergavenny.

It tried to utilise a research method appropriate to investigating the experiences and cultural value attached to the interaction by community members with each other via online media and to understand the experiences and value they attach to it.

The project wanted to map and evaluate the experience of posting to the Forgotten Abergavenny Facebook page through interviews, focus groups , diaries, analysis of postings and online behaviour and thus to understand the impact of both the action of posting and the page itself upon people in Abergavenny.

We also worked with providers of traditional cultural provision (the museum, the library, the local newspaper) to understand how the results of the investigation of social media can help them to engage with social media.

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