Romanies/Gypsies, Roma, Irish and Scottish Travellers


Resource authors: Jodie Matthews
Project: Gypsies, Roma and Irish travellers: histories, perceptions and representations – a review

This paper draws on a survey of academic work in the arts and humanities since 2002 on the history and representation of Romanies/ Gypsies, Roma, and Irish and Scottish Travellers in Britain in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The most common approach in such work is to discuss otherness, rather than emphasising similarity and interaction. Reflecting another imbalance in scholarly interest, most of the works relate to Romanies/ Gypsies; the attention paid to Irish Travellers outside Ireland has been very small in comparison (see Hayes, 2006; Bhreatnach, 2006), with even less focus on Scottish Travellers (see Braid, 2002; Burke 2004). There is a significant volume of work on Roma in Europe, but very little in the humanities relating to the representation of their recent migrations to Britain.

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