Spiritual Flavours Film


Project: Making Suburban Faith: design, material culture and popular creativity

The film Spiritual Flavours interweaves biographical narratives and spiritual accounts from Betty, Aziz and Ossie (who belong to a Catholic church, a mosque and a liberal synagogue, respectively) with the experiences of cooking in their homes. The chosen recipes thread the narratives of past, present and future aspirations, spirituality and the everyday. The commonalities and differences between them are expressed through visual and sonic synchronies and asynchronies; and a variety of visual materials and formats make visible the nature of the film as a research process. At the end, Betty, Aziz and Ossie meet, cook and eat together.
Directed by Laura Cuch
Cinematography by Laura Cuch & Theo Ribeiro
Edited by Laura Cuch & Laura Belinky
Original soundtrack by Joseph Rowe


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An Introduction to Spiritual Flavours


This film was made as part of Spiritual Flavours

Spiritual Flavours is part of Making Suburban Faith