Study into Taverns, Locals and Street Corners, Audio Slideshow


Resource authors: Nicola Barrange
Project: Taverns, locals and street corners: cross-chronological studies in community drinking, regulation and public space

An audio slideshow reflecting the work of an Arts and Humanities Research funded pilot study which ranges from early modern Europe to the present day. The project looks at the role of taverns and places where people drink in the past and in the present. Bringing together academics who have researched what links drinking, ale house and pub cultures from 16th century Florence, 18th century London and modern day Bristol. The audio slide show includes interviews with Dr. Fabrizio Nevola (Principal Investigator, University of Bath), and Co-investigators Dr. David Rosenthal (University of Bath), Dr. Jane Milling (University of Exeter) and Professor Antonia Layard (University of Birmingham).

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