Supporting discussion notes. The Ritual Year (LGBQTI Jewish Ritual Cycle)


Resource authors: Margaret Greenfields
Project: Ritual Reconstructed: Challenges to Disconnection, Division and Exclusion in the Jewish LGBTQI Community

The summaries contained within the link below outline the key moments in the Jewish ritual year, which commences with the Festival of Rosh Hashanah (The Jewish New Year or ‘Head of the Year’) and moves through the annual cycle in conjunction with set ritual activities (which may take place either in the home or in Schul (Synagogue).

The cycle outlined in this document is written predominantly from the point of view of Liberal (Progressive) Judaism although all Jewish denominations will recognise the Jewish ritual year/festivals. This outline also includes information on new (non-religious) ritual events which have core meaning for LGBTQI communities and allies – Transgender Day of Remembrance; World AIDS Day and Pride – which have within this project become the focus of specifically Jewish forms of ritualization and memorialisation in a manner which combines LGBTQI and Jewish identities.

These notes add substance to and contextualise the notes provided in support of each of the Ritual Reconstructed films available on the website

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