Supporting Notes for film outputs - Pride Seder


Resource authors: Searle Kochberg & Margaret Greenfields
Project: Ritual Reconstructed: Challenges to Disconnection, Division and Exclusion in the Jewish LGBTQI Community

This film is the fifth and final in our sequence of LGBTQI-Jewish ‘ritual year’ documentary programmes. It was the only programme made by filming as the ritual took place, rather than ‘pre-creating’ elements of ritual activity, prior to the actual service. In itself, the process of filming at the service during the Seder was not unproblematic, in terms of team members being able to gather visual and audio recording permissions from people who arrived late, or who changed their minds about being seen or heard having reached a decision on participation on the spur of the moment.

In relation to methodological issues and challenges see further, papers and discussions on methods, and an article on RR and how this relates to the processes of anthropological film-making (by Searle Kochberg) elsewhere on this website; as well as watching out for forthcoming journal articles currently under development.

The documentary film which these notes support, consists of footage of the Pride Seder which took place at the South London Liberal Synagogue the night before the London LGBT Pride march and celebration in June 2015. The footage is interspersed with short discussions around identity; visibility and invisibility of lesbians in ‘Pride’ and the role of activism amongst LGBTQI Jewish participants; as well an interview with the (cis-gender, female, long-term LGBTQI ally) Rabbi who conducted the Seder at her synagogue.

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