Supporting Notes: Ritual Reconstructed Films “Transgender Day of Remembrance”


Resource authors: Surat Shaan Knan and Margaret Greenfields
Project: Ritual Reconstructed: Challenges to Disconnection, Division and Exclusion in the Jewish LGBTQI Community

This documentary is the first in our sequence of LGBTQI-Jewish ‘ritual year’ films. The film consists of a series of short discussions with the two people participating in the ritual service of remembrance (Surat-Shaan Knan a trans man and community activist and Rabbi Janet Darley, a progressive Jewish Rabbi who is a member of Liberal Judaism, the community partner faith organisation which has collaborated on the Ritual Reconstructed project) and contains footage of elements of the actual ritual. The film takes place within a specifically interfaith ritual space which has been created in a London church for the purposes of this event. The film includes a pre-enactment (occurring in advance of the service which took place later that day) of the specifically Jewish elements within a unique Inter-faith Transgender Day of Remembrance. The ritual shown on film has never before taken place in an inter-faith setting and is a clear example of the blending of both age-old Jewish ritual practice and commemoration of Trans people’s history and past and present traumas.

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