Transmitting Musical Heritage: Documentary Preview, Video


Resource authors: Frontier Media
Project: Transmitting musical heritage

A special preview of the documentary Transmitting Musical Heritage – featuring the projects Soundpost, Babelsongs and Declaration Kriol. Music is a cultural product of society, a sonic reflection of ideologies and behaviours – a performative heritage. Combining the expertise of three community partners and academics from the University of Sheffield the research addresses the motivations of organisations, musicians, audiences and communities; the opportunities and barriers to the implementation of ideals, and the outcomes of engaging in musical activity. We are interested in the duality of approach to community and music – as music made by communities and as community made through music. The Community Partners are Arts on the Run, Babelsongs, and Soundpost Community Network. These organisations represent the range of musical experience occurring in Sheffield from asylum seeking musicians, to long term residents with roots elsewhere, to British folk traditions.

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