Using 3D Print Technology to Bring Lost Buildings Back to Life, Video


Resource authors: The De Montfort team
Project: Digital building heritage

Researchers at De Montfort University are working with local heritage groups to bring history back to life through the Digital Building Heritage project. The project uses the latest technologies in 3D computer animation, 3D printing, 3D modeling and mobile geo-location to observe, analyse, understand and interpret historic buildings and the people and artefacts associated with them. Focusing on eleven sites across the UK, including one in Staffordshire, the project is bringing a new energy and shape to these iconic buildings, so they can, once again, play an important part in their communities. The project is also using the latest geo-location technologies to create innovative mobile apps which allow the user to discover hidden secrets in their neighbourhood. The De Montfort team is working with the Wolverhampton Civic and Historical society to create the “Blue Plaque app” which shows the location and details of Blue Plaques commemorating famous people, events and buildings in Wolverhampton.

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