Weathering the Storm: A Podcast on Bridging the Gap between Academic Theory and Community Relevance


Resource authors: Mihaela Kelemen
Project: Bridging the Gap between Academic Theory and Community Relevance: Fresh Insights from American Pragmatism

Coal mining, ship building, steel making and the production of ceramics are just some of the many industrial areas in the UK that have been affected by economic, political and social change in recent decades. The closure of a factory, coal mine or shipyard can, of course, devastate a whole community. This project is discovering more about the stories and experiences of people who have faced such adversity. The work will help different types of communities deal with similar challenges in the future. It also makes use of the philosophy of American Pragmatism, that there should be no division between academic knowledge and practical experience. Workshops include the use of a boat installation and creative activities. In this podcast, Professor Mihaela Kelemen from Keele University explains more about the project Bridging the Gap between academic theory and community relevance.

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