Civil Society & Social Innovation

How can individuals and communities make their voices heard, what are the barriers to community empowerment and how can social innovation and wider participation be enhanced?

Measuring Big Society: Video

Original animation commissioned by the Universities of Glasgow & Edinburgh as part of a campaign to measure how the concept of ‘Big Society’ will work across different areas of the UK. Read more

An analysis of the capacity of volunteer sports coaches as community assets in the Big Society

In the contemporary context of “The Big Society‟, the aim of this review was to locate and analyse existing evidence to support expectations about the role of volunteer coaches, and community sport, in community social action. Read more

Living Together: The Temporal Dimension of Civic Health

This report examines two prominent philosophical conceptions of the life of an individual – the ‘episodic’ and the ‘narrative’ – and considers what they can tell us about the lives of communities. Read more

Connectivity and conflict in periods of austerity: what do we know about middle class political activism and its effects on public services?

This paper presents the results of a realist synthesis of academic research from the UK, US and Scandinavia since 1980. It shows that there is indeed evidence of middle class advantage in relation to public services. Read more

How to Establish and Maintain Productive Transition Research Projects: A Website

The content of this site represents the collective wisdom of the Transition Research Network about how to establish and maintain productive Transition Research projects. Read more

Soundpost Fiddle Weekend 2013: Video

For Transmitting Musical Heritage we ran a Fiddle Weekend bringing 15 tutors from the UK, USA and Morocco to talk about their music. 80 people came on the weekend to share this experience. Read more

Connecting Communities through Research: Sheffield Babelsongs, Video

Sheffield Babel Songs is a community group that collects and shares songs and memories about them, from Sheffield’s international population. This concert was held to raise funds to produce a songbook of the material the group has collected. Read more

Declaration Kriol: Rafiki Jazz, Video

The Declaration Kriol project, devised for Transmitting Musical Heritage, brings onstage an expanded Rafiki Jazz collective in an inspired live show where global folk heritage traditions come up against the digital domain and our own very British babble of migrated languages. Read more

Connected Communities Festival: The Full English Quartet, Video

The Full English is a groundbreaking project delivered by the English Folk Dance and Song Society drawing together the most important early 20th century collections into the most comprehensive searchable database of British folk songs, tunes, dances and customs in the world. Read more