Health & Well-being

The theme explores the importance of community connectedness for our health – physical, mental and emotional – and the contribution of community-based activities to improving our well-being.

Visual Research Methods: Creative Practice as Mutual Recovery, Video

This film is intended to be of benefit to other social science practitioners who are thinking of employing visual methods or collaborating with artists as part of social science research projects. Read more

Solidarity but not similarity? LGBT communities in the twenty-first century: Executive Summary

This is an executive summary of a study that sought to examine understandings and experiences of LGBT communities, and assess implications for (LGBT) health and wellbeing. Read more

Connected Communities: Connected lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans communities? A scoping study to explore understandings and experiences of ‘community’ among LGBT people

This study examined understandings and experiences of LGBT communities, and assessed implications for health and wellbeing, employing a literature review, online survey and in-depth interviews and discussion groups. Read more

Transmitting Musical Heritage: Documentary Preview, Video

A special preview of the documentary Transmitting Musical Heritage – featuring the projects Soundpost, Babelsongs and Declaration Kriol. Read more