Methods & Theory

All projects are innovating with new ways of contributing academic and public expertise. This theme brings together the new theories and methods being developed.

Experiencing the Digital World: Pararchive, Video

Simon Popple, University of Leeds, discusses his Parachive project, which aims to create digital resources for community groups interested in some aspect of heritage. Read more

Climate Friendly Food CIC

The main aim of the project was to explore how engaging local communities with the changing patterns of urban food production might contribute to current grassroots efforts within Liverpool to raise awareness around current food issues. Read more

Weathering the Storm: A Podcast on Bridging the Gap between Academic Theory and Community Relevance

The closure of a factory, coal mine or shipyard can, of course, devastate a whole community. This project is discovering more about the stories and experiences of people who have faced such adversity. Read more

Cowkeeping in Liverpool: Video

Local historian Duncan Scott talks about the dairy heritage of Liverpool at the Memories of Mr. Seel’s Garden final event at the Bluecoat Centre in Liverpool. Read more

How to Establish and Maintain Productive Transition Research Projects: A Website

The content of this site represents the collective wisdom of the Transition Research Network about how to establish and maintain productive Transition Research projects. Read more

Transmitting Musical Heritage: Documentary Preview, Video

A special preview of the documentary Transmitting Musical Heritage – featuring the projects Soundpost, Babelsongs and Declaration Kriol. Read more

Imagining the Place of Home

This scoping study and research review examines the relationship between how home and community are the product of powerful acts of imagining. It focuses on each of these terms and of their relationship to the imagination and to each other. Read more

Conceptualisations and meanings of ‘community‘: The theory and operationalization of a contested concept

This Discussion Paper explores conceptualisations and meanings of ‘community‘ as a contested concept, focusing on how 21st-century researchers across the world have gone about capturing ‘community‘ using a variety of methods. Read more

Visual Research Methods: Creative Practice as Mutual Recovery, Video

This film is intended to be of benefit to other social science practitioners who are thinking of employing visual methods or collaborating with artists as part of social science research projects. Read more