Participatory Arts

The development of community arts and media and new ways of doing and thinking about practice in participation are focuses for projects that weave together the critical and creative in communities of culture.

Community as micro-sociality and the new localism agenda

The project explored the making of community through small everyday acts of communication and the sharing of affect or feeling. Read more

Producing Historical Abergavenny: The Cultural Value and role of Social Media in promoting Historical Awareness in one Town

This project emerged from the performing Abergavenny Project and was an investigation into the reasons behind the phenomenal success of the Facebook page Forgotten Abergavenny. The project sort to understand the personal experience and cultural value attached to the use of the Facebook page Forgotten Abergavenny. Read more


Part of the London Festival of Architecture. Supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (as part of their Connected Communities Festival), Middlesex University and the research project ‘Hydrocitizenship’. Video produced by Sara Penrhyn Jones & sound by Richard Gott. Huge thanks to photographer and artist Michelle Claire (MIA) for allowing the use of her still photographs. Read more

Beyond the Creative Campus: Reflections on the evolving relationship between higher education and the creative economy

This booklet summarises and critically reflects on discussions and ideas emerging from a two year research network project funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) in the UK (AH/J005800/1) entitled “Beyond the Campus: Connecting Knowledge and Creative Practice Communities Across Higher Education and the Creative Economy”. Read more

The Cruel Sea – Dementia and Imagination Film

Our North East site artists produced a short video with participants as part of one of the interventions in a care home. It is narrated by one of the participants and includes input from several residents. Read more

Tangible Memories Film

This film, specially commissioned for the AHRC’s 10th anniversary looks at the Tangible Memories Project which started in 2013. The ‘Tangible Memories: Community in Care’ project involves researchers from the University of Bristol who have been working alongside Alive! activities, artists (Stand + Stare and Heidi Hinder) and care home residents, staff and managers from across the city of Bristol. Read more

Cowkeeping in Liverpool: Video

Local historian Duncan Scott talks about the dairy heritage of Liverpool at the Memories of Mr. Seel’s Garden final event at the Bluecoat Centre in Liverpool. Read more

On Shared Ground: Video

The film brings together footage collected by community participants using Go-Pro cameras, oral history recordings and spoken word performances to explore what hill forts at three different locations mean to those that use them. Read more

Performing Impact

This study was undertaken to investigate the potential to enrich and support forms of evaluation on a company’s arts activities via approaches drawn from scholarship on arts practices and the processes, as well as outcomes, they involve. Read more