Participatory Arts

The development of community arts and media and new ways of doing and thinking about practice in participation are focuses for projects that weave together the critical and creative in communities of culture.

Community Music: History and Current Practice, its Constructions of ‘Community’, Digital Turns and Future Sounding

This document brings together and reviews research under the headings of history and definitions; practice; repertoire; community; pedagogy; digital technology; health and therapy; policy and funding, and impact and evaluation. Read more

Architecture >< Community

This scoping study looks at the role architecture plays in humanities research into the cohesion and/or disintegration of communities. Read more

Visual Research Methods: Creative Practice as Mutual Recovery, Video

This film is intended to be of benefit to other social science practitioners who are thinking of employing visual methods or collaborating with artists as part of social science research projects. Read more

Connected Communities: Building Resilience through Community Arts Practice

This scoping study has involved the delivery of weekly resilience-building arts workshops for young people and a review of associated ‘arts for resilience’ literature. Read more

Visual Arts Practice for Resilience: A Guide for Working with Young People with Complex Needs

A guide to offer practical advice and ideas that are affordable and accessible, and can be put into practice with a group of young people, and to show how you might put resilience theory into practice and facilitate art-based activities. Read more

Make Your Mark: A Documentary on ‘Visual Arts for Resilience’

This documentary is part of a ‘visual arts for resilience’ research project, which explores how community visual arts practice can help young people flourish and connect with their communities despite adverse experiences they may have faced. Read more

Carnivalising the Creative Economy: AHRC-funded Research on and with British Jazz Festivals, Video

A short film in which UK music and media academics and leading jazz festival directors discuss collaborative research and knowledge exchange. Read more

Transmitting Musical Heritage: Documentary Preview, Video

A special preview of the documentary Transmitting Musical Heritage – featuring the projects Soundpost, Babelsongs and Declaration Kriol. Read more