The Impact of Co-production


The Impact of Co-production: From Community Engagement to Social Justice

Edited by Aksel Ersoy



Bringing together academics, artists, practitioners and ‘community activists’, this book explores the possibilities for, and tensions of, social justice work under the contemporary drive for community-orientated ‘impact’ in the academy.

Threading a line between celebratory accounts of institutionalised community engagement, self-professed ‘radical’ scholarship for social change and critical accounts of the governmentalisation of community, the book makes an original contribution to all three fields of scholarship.

Showcasing experimental research and co-production practices taking place in the UK, Australia, Sweden and Canada and within universities, independent research organisations and internationally prestigious museums and galleries, the book considers what research impact could look like for a wide range of audiences and how universities could engage with different publics in ways that would be relevant and useful, but may not necessarily be easily measurable.

Asking hard questions of the current impact agenda, the book offers an insight into emerging routes towards co-production for social justice.


“This book provides a unique and provocative examination of community engagement practice through the lens of distributive and social justice.”

Ted Alter, Professor of Agricultural, Environmental and Regional Economics, Pennsylvania State University, US


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