The Connected Communities Projects have produced a wide variety of resources from reports to films. Many of these resources are available through the links on this page. Individual project websites are also a great place to look for resources and further information - you can access them through our Project Pages.

Communities in Crisis

This research review aims to understand, from a variety of perspectives and contexts, how, why and with what effects and impacts communities develop qualities of self-reliance, resilience and empowerment in times of crisis. Read more

The involvement of children and young people in research within the criminal justice area

This review focuses on the evidence of participation of children and young people (CYP) in, and with, criminal justice research. Read more

Connected Health and Social Care Communities

“Health and Social Care Community” can be used to describe shared identity, organisation and purpose in relation to governance, professional groupings, practices and user-based activities. Interconnectedness within and between communities require interrogation if “communities” and their ability to sustain and change are to be understood. Read more

Conceptualisations and meanings of ‘community‘: The theory and operationalization of a contested concept

This Discussion Paper explores conceptualisations and meanings of ‘community‘ as a contested concept, focusing on how 21st-century researchers across the world have gone about capturing ‘community‘ using a variety of methods. Read more

Researching with Communities

This project seeks to determine the extent to which complexity theory might offer the most effective means for understanding how communities can be successfully engaged in and with academic research. Read more

Illuminating the Evolution of Community Participation

The review understands the “Big Society” as an example of policy translation (Freeman 2009). Through reflecting on what is ʺlost in translation”, the review identifies spaces for contestation and challenge. Read more

Towards Co-Production in Research with Communities

This review takes a cross-cutting perspective, aiming to advance the theory and practice of coproduction in research with communities. Read more

Conceptualising school-community relations in disadvantaged areas

Taking state-funded schools as an exemplar of public services, this study has explored the role of schools in relation to geographical communities which experience economic deprivation and associated disadvantages. Read more

Living Together: The Temporal Dimension of Civic Health

This report examines two prominent philosophical conceptions of the life of an individual – the ‘episodic’ and the ‘narrative’ – and considers what they can tell us about the lives of communities. Read more

A review of theories, concepts and interventions relating to community-level strengths and their impact on health and wellbeing

This paper draws on two reviews of the relationship between strong communities and health and well being. Read more