Methods & Theory

All projects are innovating with new ways of contributing academic and public expertise. This theme brings together the new theories and methods being developed.

Heritage Community Partner Legacy Workshop Report

The Heritage Community Partnership Legacy Workshop was a full day workshop for heritage community partners working with Connected Communities projects. It took place on 15th December 2014 and included thirty-four community partners from twenty-one community groups. Read more

Co-Production: Creating Social Justice through Research: Working Notes from a Connected Communities Research Symposium

The aims of the Symposium were: • To create an opportunity for individuals from community, arts and academic fields to reflect together on the research cultures and practices that might contribute to greater social and economic equality • To explore the contribution of Connected Communities research projects to creating research cultures capable of addressing longstanding inequalities • To lay the Read more

Revolutionising our understanding of Southwell, Video

Southwell Archaeology is a multi-period, interdisciplinary fieldwork project investigating the historic minster town of Southwell, Nottinghamshire in its wider landscape setting. Read more

Diasporic Film in Communities

The Diasporic Film in Communities project set out to critically examine the role of Diasporic film culture in Diasporic communities through an exploration of three postcolonial publics (African-Caribbean, Chinese and South Asian). Read more

Measuring Big Society: Video

Original animation commissioned by the Universities of Glasgow & Edinburgh as part of a campaign to measure how the concept of ‘Big Society’ will work across different areas of the UK. Read more

Valuing community-led design: Video

This project aimed to collate, articulate and disseminate evidence about the value of community-led design and bring the relevant stakeholders together to share good practice. Read more

Philosophy of Religion and Religious Communities

This scoping study addresses the question ‘when, if ever, is it acceptable to prohibit the use of religious symbols?’

Eleanor Rees Local Food Poetry, Video

Eleanor Rees reads some of her poetry written as a response to the Memories of Mr. Seel’s Garden project which researched the history of local food production in Liverpool. Read more

Exploring Personal Communities: A Review of Volunteering Processes

The aim of the review is to explore the personal community through the lens of volunteering in order to shed light on the ways in which individuals experience and adjust to one another within and across communities. Read more