Making-Centric: Community Co-speculation, Prototyping Future Thinking as Living Heritage Report


Resource authors: Deirdre Figueiredo
Project: Maker-centric: building place-based, co-making communities

Maker-Centric is one of a series of participatory arts research projects across the UK that takes a material placed-based approach to engaging communities in speculative co-design. It argues that ‘making in place’, with all the historical, geographical, cultural, political and economic specificities which that entails, and critically re-imaging place through creative ‘place-making’, is vital to connecting communities and developing, engagement, assets and agency (Hackney & Figueiredo 2017).

This project builds on findings from a raft of Connected Communities projects and events, most recently the team’s contribution to the Utopias Festival at Somerset House July 2016.

The report concerns the follow up activities after the Festival. Click here to read.