The Connected Communities Projects have produced a wide variety of resources from reports to films. Many of these resources are available through the links on this page. Individual project websites are also a great place to look for resources and further information - you can access them through our Project Pages.

80by18 Final Report

The 80by18 Project aimed to open up the city of Bristol as a resource for young people and encourage participation in the public, civic and commercial lives of cities. The project resulted in a website with ’80 things to do in Bristol before you’re 18′ generated by young people themselves. Read more

Connected Communities Catalyst Fund Reports 2016-18

The Connected Communities Catalyst Fund 2016-18 was intended to support the consolidation of exciting new ideas arising from the Connected Communities programme. Specifically, the fund aimed to explore the question: What new insights relating to the nature, dynamics and role of communities are emerging from CC projects? Read more

Making-Centric: Community Co-speculation, Prototyping Future Thinking as Living Heritage Report

Maker-Centric is one of a series of participatory arts research projects across the UK that takes a material placed-based approach to engaging communities in speculative co-design. Read more

Universities, Cities & Communities: Co-Creating Urban Living Report

How can cities engage with their their citizens to address longstanding issues and open up new possibilities?   This report brings together projects from the Connected Communities Programme and Urban Living Partnership, in order to address the question of urban engagement. Read more

Translation for Policy Report

This report summarises the learning from a project funded by the AHRC which worked at the interface between central government policy and academic research. The project’s primary purpose was to enhance the policy impact of the Connected Communities (CC) programme, both directly and by exploring ways to overcome barriers to impact. Read more

Evaluating the Legacy of Animative and Iterative Connected Communities Projects: reflections on methodological legacies

There is a growing interest in the idea that research impact matters and that as researchers we should seek to maximise the impact of our research wherever possible. Read more

Starting from Values: Introducing a Legacies Project

Booklet produced for the Starting from Values: Evaluating Intangible Legacies project. The publication presents a brief outline of the context for the Starting from Values project, the main case studies and some key learning and outcomes. Read more

Starting from Values: Evaluating Intangible Legacies

Browse the non-linear report from the Starting from Values: Evaluating Intangible Legacies project. Read more

FC Communities Match Day Programme

The final project report for the project examining the role of football in communities. This publication is the product of a piece of collaborative research between Football Unites Racism Divides (FURD), the University of East Anglia, Keele University and the University of Brighton. Read more

Starting from Values: Evaluating Intangible Legacies of Connected Communities Projects

We set out to explore the following question: ‘what difference have Connected Communities projects made: what are their legacies?’ Community-engaged research tends to be evaluated in research terms. This does not reflect the broader legacies for all partners and participants. ‘Starting from values’ re-sets the balance and provides a mechanism for understanding and valuing different perspectives. Read more