Diversity & Dissent

Here our projects explore the operations of inclusion and exclusion, of communities at or beyond the margins, as well as questions about cultures and communities of resistance and social justice.

Universities, Cities & Communities: Co-Creating Urban Living Report

How can cities engage with their their citizens to address longstanding issues and open up new possibilities?   This report brings together projects from the Connected Communities Programme and Urban Living Partnership, in order to address the question of urban engagement. Read more

Adventure Playground

Our community worker Patrick Meleady and artist Steve Pool are leading a research project that explores social cohesion, with a focus on the artist in residence. Steve will support the work of the playground and blog about the experience of residency. Read more

Furd Football Circus Film

Film from the Football Circus event featuring freestyler Dan Magness, hosted by the Football and Connected Communities Project. Read more

Supporting Notes: Ritual Reconstructed Films – World Aids Day

Supporting notes/discussion guide to support the 2nd of five films made for the Ritual Reconstructed project

Supporting Notes for film outputs – Pride Seder

Supporting notes which explain why the ‘Pride Seder’ filmed for this project is explicitly both Jewish and LGBTQI incorporating unique ritual elements which enable the celebration and commemoration of hybridised identities

Bricolage Items

Some examples of ‘ritual bricolage’ submitted by community participants – items which have (or have acquired) ritual significance for an individual and which symbolise their hybridised LGBTQI/Jewish identity. See the Ritual Reconstructed website for more images and also explanatory notes provided by people who participated in this element of the project. Read more

Radio. How recognizing LGBT Jewish identities and ritual practice enriches the entire Jewish community

Today – as we are in Pride month in Israel I’m going to talk to you about the importance of ensuring that LGBT Jewish identities are reflected in discussions of theology and ritual practice to ensure that all Jews are able to see our identities reflected in our cultural heritage and faith. Read more

Video. Ritual Reconstructed Visual Ethnography

Searle Kochberg talks about visual ethnography, his documentary film making research and his most recent project called ‘Ritual Reconstructed’. Jewish rituals for the LGBT community is the subject matter. Watch the interview here https://youtu.be/l_DUjMO_Q0s CCI TV Research Matters The CCi TV Channel features work from the students within the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries at the University of Portsmouth. Read more

Podcast. On telling our personal stories of ritual bricolage

Sef Townsend (Story-Teller; Musician and Actor who worked with community participants throughout this project) draws on his own personal experience of living and working on all five continents; and on his professional practice in reminiscence and language support work with immigrant and refugee communities; to inform his workshops in participatory storytelling and music. Read more