The Connected Communities Projects have produced a wide variety of resources from reports to films. Many of these resources are available through the links on this page. Individual project websites are also a great place to look for resources and further information - you can access them through our Project Pages.

Imagining the Place of Home

This scoping study and research review examines the relationship between how home and community are the product of powerful acts of imagining. It focuses on each of these terms and of their relationship to the imagination and to each other. Read more

Whose Remembrance?

This Scoping Study looked at how far there is an awareness of the history of colonial troops and how they contributed to and were affected by service in the two world wars. Read more

An analysis of the capacity of volunteer sports coaches as community assets in the Big Society

In the contemporary context of “The Big Society‟, the aim of this review was to locate and analyse existing evidence to support expectations about the role of volunteer coaches, and community sport, in community social action. Read more

Community Music: History and Current Practice, its Constructions of ‘Community’, Digital Turns and Future Sounding

This document brings together and reviews research under the headings of history and definitions; practice; repertoire; community; pedagogy; digital technology; health and therapy; policy and funding, and impact and evaluation. Read more

Resilient, mutual self-help in cities of growing diversity

This paper aims to stimulate debate in relation to thinking around resilience, mutual self-help and participation, both formal and informal, in an era of “super-diversity.”

From bridging social capital to co-operative social capital? Mapping emergent connectivities across communities

In this scoping study we set out to examine emergent connectivities between particular types of communities in Southampton. We chose to focus on Faith Communities. Read more

CHORDS: Community, Healthcare Organisation and Regulationin a Diverse Society

Drawing on selected case studies and an extensive review of the literature, this project examined the concept of community as it has developed in health law and ethics. Read more

Keeping in Touch

This report is the first iteration of a series of questions that would support the development of a digital communications strategy for communities of interest or place. Read more

New Connectivities: Civil Society, the ‘Third Sector’ and Dilemmas for Socially and Economically Sustainable Healthcare Delivery

This project aimed at better understanding the development of new forms of connectivity between health-related civil society organisations, user communities and healthcare stakeholders. Read more

Conceptualisations and meanings of ‘community‘: The theory and operationalization of a contested concept

This Discussion Paper explores conceptualisations and meanings of ‘community‘ as a contested concept, focusing on how 21st-century researchers across the world have gone about capturing ‘community‘ using a variety of methods. Read more