The Connected Communities Projects have produced a wide variety of resources from reports to films. Many of these resources are available through the links on this page. Individual project websites are also a great place to look for resources and further information - you can access them through our Project Pages.


A new chapter from Kevin K. Birth based on his keynote lecture at Utopias, Futures and Temporalities Symposium 2015. He discusses the tensions generated by the global distribution of Western timekeeping and shows the relationship between the values celebrated in calendars and the rhetorical strategies used by nations in two very different international debates: climate change and the leap second. Read more

Servicing Utopia: A Toolkit for Architects and Designers

Servicing Utopia is a digital toolkit which aims to support planners, architects and designers to critically and creatively rethink notions of access in relation to the toilet design process. Read more

Furd Football Circus Film

Film from the Football Circus event featuring freestyler Dan Magness, hosted by the Football and Connected Communities Project. Read more

Utopia Fair: Imagining our Future film

The Utopia Fair was the centrepiece of ‘A Year of Imagination and Possibility’ a programme of events that celebrates the 500th anniversary of Thomas More’s inspirational text, Utopia. A year of artists, designers, provocateurs and thinkers experimenting with ways we might live, make, work and play. Read more

Poster. Ritual Reconstructed

Poster presentation which is part of the Ritual Reconstructed exhibition.   What is Ritual Reconstructed all about?   The aim of this 12 month project was to support and enable reflection on identity and faith practice, with questions formulated by academic, rabbinic and community participants drawn from the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning, and Intersex, (LGBTQI) London Jewish Community. Read more

End of Project Showcase

It is with great pleasure that we can share these films from our ground breaking end of show final event which challenges stereotypes, pushes boundaries and which we hope provides you with pleasure, intellectual stimulation and food for thought on the role of LGBTQI Jewish life and ritual engagement.   Live Performances and Interactive Bricolage Sessions   Theological Discussion Panel. Read more

End of Show Project Documents

Flyer advertising the end of project showcase – widely disseminated among faith/LGBTQI networks. Ritual Reconstructed Flyer 2015 Programme detailing all three parts of the Showcase event RR Programme – FINALRR Participant Evaluation Form RR Evaluation Form for 24-11-15 Letter of thanks to participants and supporters encouraging further involvement/feedback and suggestions for developing the project in new directions. Read more

Radio. TLV1 Man, Woman & Everything in Between: Story of a Trans Jew.

The theme of Tel Aviv’s Pride Parade this year is transgender rights. So, what does it feel like to question your own gender identity? To find yourself in-between the masculine and the feminine? Surat-Shaan Knan shares his journey of self-discovery and explains where his trans-masculine and liberal Jewish identity intersect. Read more

Publication. Kochberg, Searle (, 2015) Keshet as part of UK LGBT History Month 2015

Keshet as part of UK LGBT History Month 2015 By Searle Kochberg In Interaction Ritual Chains (2005), Randall Collins proposes that successful rituals “create symbols of group membership and pump up individuals with emotional energy”. A lot of what follows is directly or indirectly Reconstructionist,  based on the ideas of Mordecai Kaplan. Read more