Imagine: Connecting Communities Through Research


Principal Investigator: Professor Kate Pahl (University of Sheffield)
Co-investigators: Work package 1 - Professor Angie Hart, Work package 2 - Professor Sarah Banks, Work package 3 - Professor Kate Pahl, Work package 4 - Professor Paul Ward
Collaborators: Work package 1 - The Social Context of Civic Engagement

YoungMinds, Kings College Guildford, Rockets, Mind Cymru, Families First, Virtual School for Children in Care Brighton and Hove, Community University Partnership Programme - University of Brighton, boingboing, Art in Mind, Carousel Singers, Xtrax Young People's Centre, Respond Academy, Arts Connect, Eleanor Smith School, Hove Park School, Diagnostic and Support Center of the Ministry of Education of Greece, Rethymno (Crete, Greece), Sussex Partnership NHS Trust, Newport Mind, Osnabrück University, Nifbe (Lower Saxony Institute for Early Childhood Education and Development), WithScotland, Stirling University, Scotland, Sally Wassell, Durham local authority, Numerous other schools in UK, Crete and Germany, University of Crete, GMVCO, Manchester.

Work package 2 - The Historical Context of Civic Engagement

The Herbert Museum, WATCH, Accol, St. Peters Centre, Hillfields History Group, Hope Centre, Cedarwood Trust, Meadow Well Connected, Phoenix Detached Youth Project, Remembering the Past: Resourcing the future, Patchwork Project, Pendower Good Neighbour Project, Riverside Community Health Project, Search Project, West Newcastle Picture history Collection, St James’ Heritage and Environment group, Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums, St James’ Church, Living History North East.

Work package 3 - The Cultural Context of Civic Engagement

The Hepworth Wakefield, Museums Sheffield, The Site Gallery, Tassibee Women’s Centre, Rotherham United Community Cohesion Team, Grimm and Co, Rotherham Cultural Services, Rotherham Youth Services, Clifton Secondary School, Standford Hill Prison, Blue Town Heritage Centre, Steve Pool, Shahin Shah, Zahir Rafiq, Newcastle University.

Work package 4 - The Democratic Context of Civic Engagement

Peter Hatton, Val Murray, Lynn Pilling, TEA Creative Arts Group, Jenny Hurkett, Blue Town Heritage Centre, Strathclyde University, Participedia, University of Edinburgh, Kirklees TV.

The Imagine Project

Working in partnership with local communities, we are exploring the social, historical, cultural and democratic context of civic engagement to imagine better futures and make them happen.


This five-year project, running from 2013 – 2017, brings together a range of different research projects working together across universities and communities.